Stoffonkel Reindeer Dress

How cute this Reindeer Dress :)
Its made from our cute Stoffonkel Organic jersey by Jill.
You can find the fabric here :

Winterrer Organic Cotton Jersey By Stoffonkel
and the Coordinate fabric is:

Knitted Print Organic Cotton Jersey By Stoffonkel



Fruits for summer :)

Love our wide range of fruits and vegetable print recently. 
You can chose from: strawberry, watermelon, avocado, lemon, chilli pepper, cherry apple and so on :) We have got more than 30 designs for this summer. 
Click here.

Hannah just won the last competition in May with her beautiful strawberry romper. She has made lot of clothes from our fabric already. Thank you for let me to share your photos. Follow her on Instagram

If your little one is obsesses with Dinosaurs.

Some kids are absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs. They want dinosaurs all over their room so why we just don't dress them up in this lovely set? ;)
Foil printed cotton jersey is the children's favourite. This is just sooo shiny and so gold :) We have received this picture from Rachelle and she is the owner Tink and Boos. Here you can find our wide range of foil printed jersey.

Do you like rainbow, bright colours ? :)

Do you bored with pink and blue. I guess you do. If you would like to dress your little baby in this bright colour bodysuits pm for Marta. She makes such a gorgeous clothes for babies from selected fabrics. The apple tree cotton jersey is organic GOTS certified. Designed by Lillestoff. 

This is our most popular fabric in stock. Beautiful details and bright colours. 
Love how this fabric turn out. You can find here

This is my other favourite. I am over the moon...:) This made up from our Space comic cotton jersey 

when life gives you lemon make a lemonade..

when life gives you lemon make a dress :)
I totally in love with this dress. I could imagine this in adult size too. 
You can find the fabric here

You can order this dress from Chelsea. She is owner for DolleyNoodle.

Beautiful Summery Unicorn, Ice cream dress

What an amazing Unicorn and Rainbow dress from @Whatjademade. She has used our Unicorn panel for her dress. You can find here. Thank you Jade for letting me share your beautiful photos.